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Julaine Waggoner

Broker-Assoc., GRI, SRES
DRE Licence 01265494
REMAX College Park Realty
10791 Los Alamitos Blvd.
Los Alamitos, CA 90720
(562) 234-8888
Million Dollar Service at All Levels

Collaborative Divorce Sales


 Another area where Julaine brings specialized expertise is when a sale involves divorcing spouces who've agreed not to litigate or go to court to resolve the division of property and child custody settlement. Each partner has a coach and an attorney. A child specialist and financial analyst assigned to the case are neutral.

This is collaborative divorce, and the desired outcome is privacy.

Collaborative settlements are private. Roy Disney and other high-profie individuals often choose collaborative divorce because it's usually less expensive, faster than litigation, and more private. The terms are not disclosed to the public.

Another benefit is that the spouses or partners often find the process more peaceful. Because the coach's purpose is to help divorcing couples "fight fair" and speak to each other in a more respectful tone, individuals often emerge from divorce on better terms. They are able to move forward in the future to make decisions about the family that are more inclusive, keeping in mind what is best for the children involved.

The Waggoner team can work with divorcing couples to decide issues with the property. If one spouse or partner is keeping the property, we can help recommend appraisers, value, etc. If the property is to be sold, we work well with both spouses or partners to be a neutral party in the divorce.

Julaine brings special skills to collaborative divorce sales because she has completed the 40-hour Mediation Training course at the Los Angeles County Bar Assn. She also continues to attend workshops and training sessions in collaboration and mediation.

Her purpose is to help make the process more peaceful and less traumatic for divorcing couples.

Feel free to call to be connected to these collaborative professionals:

  • Attorneys
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Financial Analysts
  • Divorce Coaches
  • Estate Appraisers
  • Art Appraisers
  • Property Appraisers

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